Agriculture Crops & Livestock

Agriculture Crops & Livestock

Course list

  • Extended Diploma in Agriculture (QCF)
  • Diploma in Agriculture (QCF)
  • 90-Credit Diploma in Agriculture (QCF)
  • Higher Apprenticeship in Agriculture (528)
  • Intermediate Apprenticeship in Agriculture (528)
  • Advanced Apprenticeship in Agriculture (528)
  • Award in Safe Application of Pesticides Using Self Propelled, Mounted or Trailed Horizontal Boom Sprayers (QCF)
  • Diploma in Work-based Agriculture (QCF)
  • Award in the Safe Use of Pesticides (QCF)
  • Principles of Safe Handling and Application of Pesticides (PA1) (Non-regulated)

Course Levels

2 3 4

Agriculture Crops & Livestock at Lackham website

Agriculture Crops & Livestock at Lackham

It’s an exciting time to begin your career in agriculture and land based industries. Now, more than ever, well trained and qualified people are needed to fill vacancies in this dynamic and increasingly technical industry. Working in agriculture is not just about wearing wellies and spending time outdoors, there are a wealth of exciting employment opportunities available such as Farm Manager, Agronomist, Crop Trials Manager, Herdsperson and much more!

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