Aquaculture & Fisheries Management

Aquaculture & Fisheries Management

Course list

  • FdSc Marine Ecology and Conservation (Part Time)
  • BSc (Hons) Marine Ecology & Conservation TOP UP
  • FdSc Marine Ecology & Conservation

Course Levels

4 5 6

Marine Ecology at Kingston Maurward website

Marine Ecology at Kingston Maurward

Marine ecology is an integrative science that studies the basic structural and functional relationships within and among living populations and their physical-chemical environments in marine ecosystems. It is a discipline which draws on all the major fields within the biological sciences, focusing on specific organisms as well as particular environments. The importance of conserving marine species and ecosystems is growing as a consequence of human activities (including over-fishing, over-utilisation, degradation and loss of coastal and marine habitats, introduction of non-native species) and the intensification of global climate change. As a result the management of marine species and ecosystems to prevent their decline are more important than ever before.

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