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T levels

It’s both an exciting and crucial time for technical education and skills development across the UK. The Department for Education (DfE) set down the guidelines for their new Technical Qualifications

Connecting with Industry

As an employer led organisation NLBC aims to connect effectively with all the land based industries, to provide employers with a far greater opportunity to steer skills development for their

NLBC Digital Hub

One of the strategic priorities of our NLBC Strategy is to ‘Maximise digital and flexible learning opportunities’. NLBC aims to be the virtual college for the land based sector and

Qualifications for the Future

A key goal for the National Land Based College (NLBC) is to create a suite of the best possible qualifications and training programmes, across all land based vocations, to ensure

NLBC update

In January Luke Harmer joined NLBC as our NLBC Digital Manager, which, alongside Sarah Purdell, completed the recruitment of our planned core NLBC team, who are based at our office in

Government agenda for skills

Robert Halfon, the Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, set out his plans, priorities and resolutions for 2017 in FE Week recently. We are keen to reflect on these in the

The Prince’s Countryside Fund Forum 2016

On Tuesday 6th December 2016 we were invited to be a part of The Prince’s Countryside Fund Forum and were delighted to engage with, and learn more about, this inspiring

Careers Promotion and Guidance

The issue of attracting the right number and quality of entrants to work in the land based industry has been an important and much discussed topic for many years… There

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