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The Prince’s Countryside Fund Forum 2016

On Tuesday 6th December 2016 we were invited to be a part of The Prince’s Countryside Fund Forum and were delighted to engage with, and learn more about, this inspiring

Careers Promotion and Guidance

The issue of attracting the right number and quality of entrants to work in the land based industry has been an important and much discussed topic for many years… There

Championing Skills

Reducing the perceived skills gap is vitally important for the land based sector in the 21st Century and is a key driver for the establishment of the NLBC. The AgriSkills

Collaboration and building our presence:

Undoubtedly, the success of the National Land Based College (NLBC) will depend on its ability to work well with others, and establish a clear position within the land based sector…

A hub, some spokes & the House of Lords

During the current set up phase, people often ask us “what is the new National Land Based College (NLBC)?” and until we’ve set up our web site there isn’t an

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