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Moving on

In this, my last blog as Chief Executive of the National Land Based College (NLBC), I want to highlight NLBC progress to date, our continued ambitions, and why I believe

T levels

It’s both an exciting and crucial time for technical education and skills development across the UK. The Department for Education (DfE) set down the guidelines for their new Technical Qualifications

Connecting with Industry

August sees the launch of our NLBC Industry Skills Groups and the announcement of our ‘Connecting with Industry’ event, which will feed into the formation of our NLBC Council. As

School Farms

School farms across the UK are educating young people about food, farming, animals and nature. In the last month, I’ve engaged with this inspiring network… During the recent LEAF Open

NLBC Digital Hub

One of the strategic priorities of our NLBC Strategy is to ‘Maximise digital and flexible learning opportunities’. NLBC aims to be the virtual college for the land based sector and

Qualifications for the Future

A key goal for the National Land Based College (NLBC) is to create a suite of the best possible qualifications and training programmes, across all land based vocations, to ensure

NLBC update

I’m 10 months into my role at the National Land Based College (NLBC) and it’s a good moment to give an update on progress and next steps… In January Luke

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