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Equine Excellence Career Pathway

Internationally recognised, the BHS Equine Excellence Pathway supports a progressive career with relevant industry knowledge and experience. You can be sure that your qualifications embed the latest research and technologies to keep you ahead in your career.
A unique element of the BHS Career Pathways is the globally recognised BHS Coach in Complete Horsemanship Pathway; supporting individuals to become a world leading equestrian coach with the 360 degree knowledge and skills in equitation, care and management and teaching techniques to support their clients and the next generation to reach their goals and ambitions.

Choose your career pathway to excellence
The BHS Equine Excellence Pathway is comprehensive, and not just for riders – There are four bespoke professional career pathways available, depending on your long term goal. Whether it’s becoming a successful groom or stable manager, professional riders or specialist coach, there’s a pathway to choose from:

  • BHS Coach in Complete Horsemanship Pathway
  • BHS Groom Pathway
  • BHS Professional Rider Pathway
  • BHS Equine Tourism Pathway

Equestrian qualifications demonstrate to employers the skills accrued for a career with horses. The BHS qualifications framework is internationally recognised, with some of the best coaches, riders and grooms coming through the BHS Equine Excellence Pathway including Fellows of the BHS Carl Hester MBE, Jennie Lorriston-Clarke MBE, Yogi Breisner MBE and Ian Stark OBE.

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