Importance of Green Careers

Many jobs can make a positive impact on the environment in different ways. Any career that helps the UK work towards net zero could be considered a green career.

The UK government aims to reach net zero in all sectors of the economy by 2050. Net zero means the amount of greenhouse gas we take out of the environment is the same as the amount we produce. You can read more about theĀ Net Zero Strategy.

A green career lets you learn new skills in different industries whilst helping to protect the future of the planet.

Directly tackling Climate Change

Some careers directly tackle climate change. Here are a few examples of green careers and some of the ways they help the environment.

Smart Meter Installer

Recycling Engagement Officer

Countryside Ranger



Heat Pump Engineer

Green careers in all industries

If a green career is important to you, you could look for opportunities with companies that care about the environment.

There are also some careers that do not directly tackle climate change, but where you could still make a positive impact on the environment.

Robotics Engineer

Laboratory TechnicianĀ 

Data Scientist


To find out more visit the National Careers Service - Green Careers

National Careers Service Green careersĀ 

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