Technical Qualifications

City & Guilds and NLBC have developed a suite of high quality Technical Qualifications for all land based disciplines. We’ve worked closely with specialist land based colleges, industry experts and employers to ensure that our qualifications deliver the practical skills required by today’s industries, and, crucially, meet the needs of employers, providers and learners.

Reasons why our Technical Qualifications are the best:

  • Designed in line with DfE requirements to equip students with knowledge and high-quality skills to progress into employment, apprenticeships or education.
  • Industry bodies, employers and NLBC member colleges/universities have steered the design process.
  • Content and assessment materials have been produced by technical experts with experience of delivery, ensuring that the qualifications are pitched at the right level to be understood by the learner and prepare them for employment.
  • Genuinely synoptic assessment ensures that the learners are required to combine knowledge and skills learnt during the programme, into situations reflecting real job requirements.
  • High level of granularity in the grading of the Technical Qualifications from September 2018 enables progression onto higher education.
  • City & Guilds and NLBC offer a support and guidance service for all centres delivering our Technical qualifications.

The City & Guilds website has a dedicated Technical Qualification section that gives high-quality and detailed information and support for centres. Visit it here or browse the full range of Technical Qualifications below

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