Industry Engagement

As an employer led organisation, NLBC aims to connect effectively with industry and provide employers with a far greater opportunity to steer skills development within their sector. This is core to us achieving our NLBC Strategy, and specifically:

  • Increasing industry engagement in the skills agenda
  • Developing qualifications to deliver the skills employers need

Linking strongly with key industry bodies and their existing skills groups / forums is core to our approach. We then aim to drive this industry engagement further through our own NLBC Council and our Industry Skills Groups which we invite you to join.

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Our sector needs talent and technology, our strategy explains how we’ll accomplish this

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Industry Skills Groups

The NLBC Industry Skills Groups provide an opportunity for anyone working in the land based sector to directly input into skills development, including the development of land based qualifications with our partner City & Guilds.

As a member of our Industry Skills Group, we will ask for your ideas on careers and skills development, and your feedback on training and qualifications we are developing, to ensure NLBC meet the needs of today’s employers.

Our Industry Skills Groups operate virtually and, although there may be occasions when we will need to meet face-to-face, we primarily engage with our members through video conferencing, teleconferences, webinars, email and your own password protected space on the NLBC website. This allows us to make best use of your time and ensure you are only consulted on the topics and skills areas that you are interested in. All communication that takes place will remain confidential.

Read the Industry Skills Group Terms of Reference.

Joining an Industry Skills Group:

There is an Industry Skills Group for each of the core sectors of land based and, crucially, our Groups link directly into existing industry organisations and skills forums. We invite applications from anybody working (or who has worked) in the land based sector to join our Groups. Requirements for Group members are stated within the Industry Skills Group Role Descriptor.

If you are interested in joining please complete the application form and email if you have any queries.

NLBC Council

The NLBC Council has the higher level responsibility of advising the overall direction for the NLBC, feeding directly into our NLBC Board and Executive. Our Council will meet twice a year and will specifically:

  • Bring together representatives of the principal stakeholders involved in improving the quality and competitiveness of land based industries;
  • Guide NLBC in the development and delivery of a programme of education, training and skills to meet the needs of the land based sector;
  • Provide a forum for the discussion of issues on education, training and Knowledge Exchange (KE);
  • Provide feedback to NLBC on the effectiveness of its education, training and skills development activities;
  • Liaise directly with relevant stakeholder engagement groups including specialist land based colleges and universities, and the NLBC Industry Skills Groups.

Learn more about the NLBC Council.

If your organisation would be keen to learn more about joining the NLBC Council, please contact us at

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