Land Based Apprenticeships

NLBC aims to promote land based apprenticeships by making it easier for prospective apprentices, employers and training providers to find information about them.  Whether it’s farming, floristry or farriery apprenticeships you’re interested in, we can point you to the best resources from here. Choose the information most relevant to you by using the buttons below.

New Apprentices, Parents and Guardians

Interested in a land based apprenticeship? There’s a raft of information out there on the web. We’ve selected the very best of it, to help you make an informed decision.


There’s a wide range of apprenticeships available for land based employers. A variety of training providers can deliver them, and some apprenticeships are supported by funding. See what’s available for you!

Training Providers

Search our comprehensive list of land based apprenticeships to identify what is available for funding in your area, and keep up-to-date with the new apprenticeships currently in development.

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Find out more about land based apprenticeships based on the standards currently available by clicking the relevant logo below:

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