NLBC Sector: Agriculture Crops & Livestock

Sub-sectors: Sheep, pig, and dairy farming.  Arable farming for cereals, potatoes and other crops.  Agronomy and soil science.  Farming of energy crops for biomass and biofuel.

Occupations: Farmer, agricultural worker, shepherd, farm labourer, stockperson, tractor driver, crofter, herd manager, agricultural technician, farm manager, agronomist.

National Careers Service

Green Careers This website lists job profiles for careers that can make a positive impact on the environment in different ways. These jobs could interest you if you enjoy the outdoors and the natural world. They include science based jobs

Spotlight on Food and Farming

Farming and food production is vital to the Welsh economy, and to us all.  By 2020, the aim of Welsh Government is to grow this sector by 30%.  British farming creates around 63% of the food we eat, but as well

British Poultry Council

Poultry farms are the backbone of the industry, which operates across the length and breadth of the UK. Those who work on farms are the first line of a much more diverse workforce that requires skills of many types in

National Sheep Association

The sheep sector into the UK needs innovative, enthusiastic and professional young people coming through in order to survive. National Sheep Association Next Generation is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the sheep farmers and service providers of the future.

British Growers

British growing needs a huge range of skills, disciplines and knowledge to maintain and continue it’s exciting progress. So whether you’re an aspiring plant scientist, mechanical engineer, fruit grower, IT specialist, food technologist, harvest manager, spray operator, produce salesman or

Lantra: Agriculture

The agriculture industry has around 150,000 businesses – that’s 6% of all UK businesses – and 660,000 employees. The industry includes livestock businesses such as managing dairy cows, cattle for beef, sheep for wool and lamb, pigs and poultry. It

Agriculture Apprenticeship (Wales)

The Agriculture Apprenticeship frameworks at levels 2, 3 and 4 are designed to provide apprentices with the skills and knowledge required to carry out their job role and support future progression within the sector. This Apprenticeship framework reflects the range

Agriculture Apprenticeship (England)

An agriculture apprenticeship reflects the range of jobs within the sector, covering both arable and livestock enterprises. It provides an entry route into the agriculture as a general farm worker and provides progression through to an assistant herds person/assistant arable

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