NLBC Sector: Land Based Engineering

Sub-sectors: Crop processing, precision farming, UAVs / drones, animal handling and transport, harvesting, forest engineering, irrigation, tractors / vehicles, Agri-Tech.

Occupations: Agricultural machinist, tractor driver, machinery operator, agricultural engineer, technician, environmental engineer, forest engineer.

Landbased Engineering

Historically, Land Based Engineering would have meant building bigger and more powerful tractors and farm machinery. Today, the game has changed. The challenge is real, the solutions achievable – and the immense rewards cannot counted in pure financial terms. This

National Careers Service

Green Careers This website lists job profiles for careers that can make a positive impact on the environment in different ways. These jobs could interest you if you enjoy the outdoors and the natural world. They include science based jobs

Institution of Agricultural Engineering

There has never been a better time to consider working in the land based engineering sector. With the coming together (in what has become known as the “perfect storm”) of climate change, scarce water, ever increasing world populations and associated

British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association

Working closely with industry stakeholders, the Health & Safety Executive, dealers, manufacturers and other training industry bodies, British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) offers a wide range of industry related training courses for the benefit of its own members

Lantra: Land Based Engineering

The land-based engineering industry is worth £4 billion a year. It has 3,350 businesses and 22,850 employees. Think dealerships, manufacturers, ground care, forestry and garden machinery dealers and manufacturers.

Land Based Engineering Apprenticeship (Wales)

This apprenticeship offers an entry route into the industry. The minimum duration for the Foundation Apprenticeship is 24 months and Apprenticeship is 15 months. The Diploma in Work-based Land-based Engineering included within the framework has routes which apprentices may select

Land Based Service Engineer

Land-based service engineers will work under supervision and where appropriate on their own initiative upon a diverse range of machinery, plant, equipment and tasks specific to their industry sector. These operations may take place in the workplace or on the

Land Based Service Engineering Technician

Land based service engineering technicians are involved in all aspects of preparation of machinery, plant and equipment and the verification of its performance; installation and handover of plant and equipment to the end user; conducting scheduled maintenance operations, safety inspections

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