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Level 2 Technical Certificate in Agriculture

This Level 2 Technical Certificate in Agriculture is for you if you are looking to start a career within the agriculture and farming sector. Agriculture and food production is a thriving global industry that is essential to all our lives – without it we wouldn’t eat. Farmers themselves are a vital part of the agricultural industry.

British farmers produce a massive 63% of the food we eat; this is supported by a large varied industry that employs 3.5 million people in the UK. You may or may not have any previous experience in farming and this qualification could be the gateway to over 200 careers that are available in UK agriculture. Most jobs involve the outdoors in some way and it is a good match for people who like hands on practical work. Whichever area of the industry you choose you are likely to operate machinery of some kind, many of which use cutting-edge technology. Most importantly there are real opportunities to specialise and develop your skills as time goes on.

This exciting and ever-changing industry needs talented, flexible people who are ready to take on a challenge. Every day is likely to be different and we need people that can
problem solve and take on whatever Mother Nature throws our way. Growing or rearing food on an industrial scale takes a lot of skill and dedication, helped along by technology and science. In fact 70% of the jobs in the agricultural industry involve science, engineering or technology, everything from GPS, to drones and even robots. If you’re ambitious, there is real scope to progress in this industry.

This qualification is suitable if you are 16 years old, or over. You will gain an understanding of the skills and knowledge that are important when you are working in an agricultural setting, or progressing to further learning and training in this area.

Compulsory topics include:

  • Health and safety for land-based industries
  • Agricultural power unit and machinery operation
  • Crop husbandry
  • Farm animal production
  • Farm estate maintenance
  • Physiology of plants and animals
  • Working in the agricultural industry
  • Work experience on a farm enterprise (150 hours)

The Level 2 Technical Certificate in Agriculture could lead to the following employment opportunities:

  • general farm worker
  • tractor operator
  • agricultural machinery operator
  • trainee stockperson

Alternatively, once you have successfully completed this qualification, you could go on to an Agriculture Apprenticeship, or go onto study a Level 3 qualification at college.

Learn more about this qualification in the Level 2 Technical Certificate in Agriculture Qualification Handbook

Level 2 Technical Certificate in Agriculture website

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