NLBC Sector: Forestry & Arboriculture

Sub-sectors: Arboriculture, Forestry / Silviculture, Agroforestry

Occupations: Forestry contractor, harvesting forester, lumberjack, arboricultural consultant, tree surgeon, forest officer, forest ranger, woodland officer, woodland manager, arborist, forest manager, silviculturist, forest farmer

Forestry Skills Forum

The enormous variety of uses and the diversity of operations involved in producing wood products and getting them to market, give rise one of the most wide-ranging and complex supply chains of any industry. From the growing and harvesting of


Confor is a membership organisation that promotes sustainable forestry and wood-using businesses. Confor are a not-for-profit organisation that works to support sustainable forestry and wood-using businesses through political engagement, market promotion and supporting our members’ competitiveness. Confor represents the whole

National Careers Service

This website lists job profiles for careers related to animals, plants and land. These jobs could interest you if you enjoy the outdoors and the natural world. They include science based jobs and more hands-on roles. There could be something

Forestry Commission

We are a vibrant organisation with highly talented and motivated staff, working to improve people’s lives through the many benefits that woods and forests can provide.

Institute of Chartered Foresters

A wide variety of forestry and arboricultural courses are offered by universities and colleges throughout the UK. Many of these courses embrace elements of environmental management, conservation and other disciplines relating to forestry and arboriculture. Successfully studying forestry or arboriculture

Lantra: Trees & Timber

Combining forestry, arboriculture, harvesting and timber processing businesses, the trees and timber industry contributes more than £286 million to the UK economy. It employs an estimated 22,452 people through 3,920 businesses.

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