Equine Care and Management


Employer, New entrant / guardian, Trade association, Training provider


England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

The British Horse Society

Many thousands of people enjoy a fulfilling career with horses, either directly, as coaches/teachers, grooms, stable staff, yard managers, ride leaders, or indirectly in journalism, merchandising, research and related industries. A career in the equestrian industry requires hard work and determination – but the result is an interesting and rewarding way to earn your living.

The British Horse Society (BHS) is a membership-based equine charity. The BHS was founded in 1947 with the amalgamation of two organisations – the Institute of the Horse and Pony Club, and the National Horse Association of Great Britain.

The BHS works for horse and riders. Focussing on horse welfare, horse and rider safety, access and rights of way, training and approving livery yards and riding schools. The society promotes community participation in healthy recreation involving horses, at both competition and grass root level. Their website provides good guidance on pursuing an equine related career.

The British Horse Society website

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