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Agriculture Crops & Livestock

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  • Agriculture - Mixed Farming, Crop Production & Livestock Apprenticeship

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Agriculture – Mixed Farming, Crop Production & Livestock Apprenticeship website

Agriculture – Mixed Farming, Crop Production & Livestock Apprenticeship

Introduction to the trade:
This apprenticeship is ideal for people who have some previous experience of the farming industry and combines lectures and project work with employment experience.

There is a strong demand for highly trained, educated and well motivated young people to enter the industry. Career opportunities are diverse, there are approximately 200 different career areas within agriculture including farm management, quality control and overseeing the export of goods. These are not just limited to the UK; the US and New Zealand are also facing a shortage of skilled staff.

As an apprentice, the nature of your work will depend on your employer. Working for a small company could mean you handle a wide range of responsibilities – alternatively, working for a large company might mean you have a more specialised role. Skills taught could include preparing and cultivating sites for planting crops; operating a tractor, harvesting and storing crops, maintaining vehicles and machines. You may also work with livestock, learning how to look after them, selection and breeding, how to load and unload animals, maintain their health and welfare, etc.

Apprenticeships are a well respected and recommended route into this sector. Read on to find out more…

What qualifications will I gain?
There are two levels of apprenticeship available, the Intermediate Level 2 and the Advanced Level 3. You would start with the Intermediate apprenticeship which takes 2 years to complete and can then progress to the level 3 if you wish.

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