Animal Care & Management

Animal Care & Management

Course list

  • Level 1 Animal Care
  • Level 2 Animal Care
  • Level 3 Animal Management
  • T Level Animal Care & Management
  • Level 2 Animal Nursing
  • Level 3 Veterinary Nursing
  • Level 2 Dog Grooming
  • Level 3 Dog Grooming

Course Levels

1 2 3

Animal Management at Suffolk New College website

Animal Management at Suffolk New College

Suffolk New College’s Animal Management courses offer a fantastic opportunity for animal lovers to build rewarding careers.

Students gain hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge to care for a range of animals. The course emphasizes practical skills and prepares learners for various animal-related careers.

Suffolk Rural collaborates with industry leaders, including Jimmy’s Farm & Wildlife Park, offering students valuable insights and networking opportunities. Additionally, the T Level in Animal Care and Management is a two-year program that opens doors to various animal care careers, including both core content and occupational-specific components.

Whether you’re passionate about furry, feathery, or scaly creatures, Suffolk New College provides a solid foundation for a fulfilling career in animal management!

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