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Apprenticeship Level 2 Florist

There is a wide scope of practice in the floristry industry. Some florists will work within retail outlets and prepare bouquets and arrangements for sale and must therefore be keenly aware of their market. Some may work independently as studio floral designers working within the wedding industry.? Others, may be commissioned to provide floral designs for high profile events that require interpreting design specifications and working effectively with a large team in high pressure situations.

Flowers and other botanical materials are delicate, easily damaged or spoilt and have a limited storage life.? The florist will need to know where the materials are sourced from, purchasing techniques, storage and the control of fresh stock creating accurate rotation on a day-to-day basis.? They need to apply an extensive knowledge of botanical names, understand how to care for and condition these floral materials and plants, taking into account irritant or poisonous materials, the variety of stem structures and show appropriate cutting, watering and feeding methods.? They will need to work in a way that minimises damage to the environment and maintains health and safety that is consistent with relevant organisation procedures and codes of practice.

The florist will use their expertise and knowledge of flowers, plants, botanical materials and accessories to produce floral designs. The design of floral work, whether it is a small bouquet or a large installation for a major event, requires the florist to be innovative and creative. The florist needs to apply the rules and theory of composition, techniques and the elements and principles of floral design in their work.

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