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BHS Stage 2 Training Course

This programme is aimed at people who want to take their BHS Stage 2 exam. The course provides you with the necessary training and preparation to achieve the exam based qualification. The exam is not offered at the Cannington Centre. Please note the maximum rider weight limit is 14 stone (182lbs).

The BHS Stage 2 course will provide you with competencies to apply general principles for the management of horses’ health and wellbeing. The Horse Knowledge and Care section builds on the knowledge acquired at Stage One as well as including skills and knowledge required for the work environment. This includes: plaiting, trimming, clipping, wound care, worming, grassland management, fittening and lungeing. The riding is split into two sections; flat and jumping (2’6ft/76cm).

The course will be delivered at the College’s fully equipped Equestrian Centre. Students will have access to a range of horses that are suitable for all abilities for the practical and riding elements. Teaching will be done by our BHS qualified instructors.

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