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BSc (Hons) Equine Health and Nutrition

Animal and equine feed companies are expanding research and development of products to improve performance and health status within the equine industry, and such companies require knowledgeable graduates with nutritional expertise and understanding of clinical health conditions. This programme is designed to provide you with an in-depth specialist understanding of wellbeing of the horse through study of the principles underpinning health and nutritional management.

You will utilise our excellent laboratory facilities, including nutritional analysis equipment, to become confident and capable in conducting a breadth of protocols in preparation for working in scientific and research settings with equine and animal industries as well as wider areas. The inclusion of Immunology, Molecular Biology, and Equine Sport Injury and Diagnostic Technologies further ensures that you have in-depth scientific knowledge and practical competency in relevant scientific disciplines.

The potential threat of various infectious equine diseases to our UK shores and the international nature of the equine industry is of key focus; our programme explores disease monitoring, biosecurity control and preventative technologies to prepare graduates for such roles. The inclusion of Equine Clinical Nutrition in your final year allows the combination of health and nutrition to give you an independent opportunity to review case studies with regards to nutritional management of clinical disorders and is a chance to experience industry practice in a supportive setting.

The programme seeks to provide you with a stimulating and challenging experience in order to promote health, welfare and optimise nutrition of the equine athlete, ensuring sound research and analytical skills are developed to apply scientifically informed processes.

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