Animal Care & Management

Animal Care & Management

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  • FdSc Zoo Animal Management with Conservation (L4 and L5)

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4 5

FdSc Zoo Animal Management with Conservation (L4 and L5) website

FdSc Zoo Animal Management with Conservation (L4 and L5)

If you are passionate about the animal kingdom and would love to work in the zoo industry and conservation sector then this the course is for you. Specifically designed with industry experts and mapped against industry standards, this course has been tailored to provide you with a full and extensive range of knowledge, skills and experience to prepare you for a career in the Zoo and conservation industry. The Foundation Degree in Zoo Animal Management with Conservation is a two year, full-time programme of study validated by Staffordshire University and delivered at Rodbaston College by a highly qualified and experienced staff that are deeply passionate about the industry and the training of future professionals.

In year 1 (Level 4), you will be given a full and sound foundation in all aspects of the Zoo Animal and Conservation Industry. The modules to be studied will be:

Animal Husbandry, Behaviour and Welfare (40 Credits)
Academic and Industry Skills development (20 Credits)
Animal Evolution and Diversity (20 Credits)
Animals Inside and Out (20 Credits)
Wildlife Conservation and Environment (20 Credits)
In year 2 (level 5) you will delve deeper into a range of aspects of Zoo Management and Conservation, building on and developing the skills already taken from Level 4. The modules to be studied will be:

Zoological Management (40 Credits)
Professional Skills Development (20 Credits)
Scientific methods and Independent Project (20 Credits)
Zoo Animal Welfare and Conservation (20 Credits)
Environmental Interpretation and Enclosure Design (20 Credits)

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