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Forestry, Arboriculture Apprenticeships

There are hundreds of career opportunities in forestry and arboriculture. From the moment a tree seed is collected from the wild and sown in a tree nursery, right up to when the mature trees in a forest or woodland are felled, there are many inter-linked businesses involved in their establishment, management and harvesting. These all offer interesting and well-paid work options.

Career opportunities are diverse including running your own forestry, contracting or arboriculture/tree surgery, contributing to efforts to tackle issues as varied as climate change and social exclusion, as well as conserving rare wildlife and producing sustainable timber.

As an apprentice, the nature of your work will depend on your employer. Working for a small company could mean you handle a wide range of responsibilities – alternatively, working for a large company might mean you have a more specialised role. Skills taught could include preparing sites, planting trees and providing appropriate protection and maintenance, operating a chainsaw, felling and harvesting material, processing timber and disposal of residues, maintaining machines and equipment used in forestry and arboriculture. You may also learn to climb, perform aerial rescue and operate a chainsaw from a rope and harness. Apprenticeships are a well-respected and recommended route into this sector. Read on to find out more…

What qualifications will I gain?
There are two tree related apprenticeship courses available at Herefordshire & Ludlow College; ‘Forest Operative’ and ‘Arborist’. They are both level 2 courses.

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