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Land Based Engineering at East Durham College, Houghall Campus website

Land Based Engineering at East Durham College, Houghall Campus

Here in the UK (and beyond, too!) the farming industry is big business.

With an ever-growing demand for skilled agriculture professionals, there are huge amounts of opportunities for people to get involved in agriculture.

That’s why at East Durham College we offer a new and exciting apprenticeship pathway in Land-Based Services Engineering.

You’ve all heard of engineers, right? Well, engineers work absolutely everywhere, including in the agriculture, plant and horticulture industries!

The basic definition of land-based service engineer is that you will work as an engineer who will be responsible for the design, upkeep or maintenance of a wide variety of agricultural equipment.

We’re talking being the first point of contact if a tractor goes wrong; we’re talking about potentially being the engineer behind the latest innovation in horticultural equipment. It’s all about putting your practical, mathematical and scientific skills to use to make the day-to-day work of those working in these industries professionals easier!

Becoming a land-based service engineering apprentice is the perfect way to get your start in these exciting industries.

If you’d like more advice on which apprenticeship to take, or would like to register your interest for an apprenticeship, we can help. Please contact the East Durham College apprenticeship team directly by calling 0191 518 8294 or 0191 518 5587 or you can email

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