Agriculture Crops & Livestock

Agriculture Crops & Livestock

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  • Level 2 Stockperson Apprenticeships

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Level 2 Stockperson Apprenticeships website

Level 2 Stockperson Apprenticeships

If you like working outside and your strengths are more practical-based, an Agricultural Apprenticeship Standard could be for you. Each workplace is different so you may be working with different breeds of cattle, sheep or pigs, or carrying out a variety of tractor tasks depending on your job.

Your college day is split between theory and practical and you will learn about how and why farming works in certain ways. This is real work where you will learn teamwork in the food production industry of this country. Your progress will be regularly monitored and practical skills will be assessed in the workplace.

Your knowledge is tested and you will be expected to update your electronic portfolio regularly. This Standard follows a ‘core and options’ approach. The core covers the generic requirements for looking after animals competently and the sector options provide more specific needs for different livestock; you will need to choose one of sheep, pigs, dairy or beef.

This option will be taken in addition to the core skills to complete this apprenticeship, which provides a solid foundation for a range of progression opportunities within the industry.

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