Develop Qualifications to Deliver the Skills Employers Need

Land based qualificationsThrough our partnership with City & Guilds and close collaboration with employers and the specialist land based colleges and universities, we will create a suite of NLBC endorsed qualifications and training programmes, addressing the skills needs identified by the employers and progression opportunities for graduates. We will ensure more rapid qualifications development and co-develop a portfolio of short courses with employers and our members to ensure that CPD needs for a wide range of audiences are provided nationally, using cutting-edge technology and industry specialists to complement college/university expertise. With our blended learning approach and virtual platforms, we will promote and deliver land based education, skills and training activity internationally, creating bespoke programmes as required and as external funding demands.

NLBC will specifically

  • Work closely with stakeholders to develop a suite of land based qualifications (entry to level 7), including CPD programmes, to meet employer needs.
  • Liaise closely with the Institute for Apprenticeships, to steer our qualifications development.
  • Adopt the best examples of education from other technical routes.


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