Maximising Digital & Flexible Learning Opportunities

Digital LearningThe delivery of flexible and blended learning (a mixture of face-to-face and on-line), across the lifetime of an individual, in a way that meets the needs of the employer and the learner, is core to the success of NLBC. The land based sector is characterised by a large number of rural SMEs and, with the challenge of creating financially viable cohorts of learners in niche sectors, a more flexible approach is key. NLBC will deliver the solution through our links with employers, hub and spoke working with the specialist colleges & universities and the development of excellent on-line platforms and tools.

NLBC will become the virtual college for the land based sector. We will do this by linking to existing on-line platforms and tools, and creating new solutions where there are gaps, to maximise learning at all levels. These digital tools will raise the overall delivery quality and efficiency of all land based delivery, both for full-time and flexible learners. It is essential we maximise our partner expertise in the development and management of digital technologies appropriately to achieve our blended learning ambition and ensuring NLBC is successful in our overall hub and spoke approach. Close collaborations with City & Guilds and Land Based Learning are fundamental to our success.

NLBC will specifically:

  • Develop blended learning solutions for the delivery of higher level skills.
  • Establish an NLBC Registration Scheme linked to wider industry initiatives and schemes.
  • Provide a web based digital hub, linked to the best existing skills development resources.
  • Maximise the use of innovative digital technologies, including those of our partner City & Guilds.
  • Engage with a global audience through our digital and social media channels.


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