Increasing Industry Engagement in the Skills Agenda

Industry engagement with driving the skills agendaNLBC aims to be an ‘employer led organisation’ and our primary aim is to engage with land based industries and employers as part of the skills agenda. We want to foster a more collaborative approach to education, training, skills development and careers promotion and guidance. The land based sector has a diverse range of specialisms, which demand an integrated approach so that workforce skills are developed in a coherent way. Core to NLBC’s approach is the production of a range of high quality qualifications, training courses and delivery methods, which are occupationally relevant and responsive to employer needs. With the establishment of NLBC, there is a fantastic opportunity for land based industries to engage with the development of skills and it is fundamental to our success that we maximise appropriate engagement with industry and employers.

NLBC will specifically:

  • Ensure employers are fully engaged through our NLBC Board, Council and Industry Skills Groups.
  • Collaborate with employers and others, to define the required skills, knowledge and behaviours required.
  • Form strategic partnerships with key organisations around skills agenda.
  • Drive improved and more productive links between research and innovation establishments.
  • Work with industry sectoral bodies to ensure that CPD needs are provided nationally.


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